The Lesson Loft

We know that when you decide to take lessons, you're serious about learning. So why do most music stores not take your learning environment seriously?

Here at Axe Shop, we know that where you learn can have an impact on what you learn. So, we've gone above and beyond those other music shops...and dedicated an entire second floor to you. We call it The Lesson Loft.

Brett Miller

Pro guitarist, composer, author, and instructor Brett Miller offers the most comprehensive, results-oriented, and fun one-on-one guitar instruction available. Come and benefit from his 15+ years of teaching experience and degree from Berklee College of Music.

Specializing in quickly providing beginners with a rock-solid foundation, and taking intermediate and advanced players to the next level of skill and understanding, Brett will help you learn how to:

  • Play faster, more cleanly, more powerfully, and more confidently
  • Understand rhythm reading and notation, so that you can learn songs quickly and easily
  • Build and play chords all over the neck, not just memorize them from a book
  • Use scales, modes, and arpeggios to improvise, jam, and write your own songs
  • Apply music theory to the guitar (in a clear and step-by-step fashion) to unlock your potential

Brett has released six Metal / Fusion solo records, and has composed full-length original soundtracks in the video game industry. Through his company, Metal Guitar Academy MGA, Brett is an author of guitar instructional books and courses. Titles include Beginner Guitar: No Wimps!Sweep Picking: Steam Powered, Guitar Practice StrategiesSpeed Picking: Daily Guitar Gains, Modes? Mastered!, The Chord Book, Magickal Writes: Guitar Practice Journal, and others. He's the creator of the popular (and free!) Metal Mailing, received by thousands of guitarists, and is an in-demand private instructor with guitar and bass students around the world. He is an endorsed artist with DR Strings, and Dava Picks. Brett teaches locally (right here at Axe Shop!), and world-wide via Skype. Listen below to AmpL SampL, a full-length record featuring two tracks from each of Brett's albums.

Get started learning with Brett today, and achieve a breakthrough in your guitar playing! Check out the 5-Star Reviews from students here. To schedule lessons, visit and send a message, or just stop by Axe Shop and introduce yourself!

Some of Brett's Music

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