A Bit Of History...

Officially opened for business in 2018, the Vintage Vault at Axe Shop is a custom-built showroom, attached to the main Axe Shop building. Inside you'll find vintage guitars from manufacturers like Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker, Gretsch and more, as well as new high-end instruments from Dingwall and Babicz. You'll also find vintage and custom amps from Marshall, Fender, Roland, and others.

The Vintage Vault showroom was created as a permanent location to house the most special pieces from Axe Shop's large inventory. The Vault is the first completed stage of an ongoing building restoration, to add even more space & music services to the towering Axe Shop complex.

If you're interested in selling a classic instrument or amplifier of your own, you can stop by for an appraisal, too!

Photo Gallery

Jimi Heslin

The VAultkeeper

Founder of the AxeShop Music Complex, Jimi Heslin has been at the forefront of the Guitar & Music Equipment industry for most of his life. Internationally recognized as an expert on vintage guitars and amplifiers, Jimi doesn't just sell 'em - he plays 'em too! Heslin continues to gig regularly, and has been a staple of the Hudson Valley music scene for decades.