An American Classic...

...and we don't just mean the guitars. If you like your music shops to be slick and corporate, then you might just want to pass us by. But, if you like your music gear vintage, your experiences authentic, and your people real, knowledgeable, and friendly... 

...then welcome to Axe Shop. More than a music store - we're a rock 'n roll American Classic. Visit us in historic Wappingers Falls, NY!

268 New Hackensack Rd.<br />Wappingers, NY 12590<br />(845) 240-1878

268 New Hackensack Rd.
Wappingers, NY 12590
(845) 240-1878

Showroom Floor

Everything from Marshalls to MosValves, Deans to Dingwalls, SGs to B.C.'s, and everything in between - that's what you'll find on Axe Shop's legendary Showroom Floor. With both new gear, and some of New York's largest selection of vintage guitars, amps, and effects, there's something for everyone in the Showroom (if you play guitar, that is!)

Lesson Loft

What good are all these guitars if you don't know how to play 'em? That's where the guitar pros at Axe Shop step in. And when we say "pro" - boy, do we mean it! Join world-class instructors Brett Miller and Pat Horgan up in the Lesson Loft, an entire second-floor dedicated to lessons and workshops. Comfortable air-conditioned rooms, a large waiting area for students and parents, free WiFi (and of course, peerless guitar instruction!) are what await you in the Loft.

Stop by for a visit, and learn why <strong>not just anyone</strong> teaches guitar at Axe Shop.

Stop by for a visit, and learn why not just anyone teaches guitar at Axe Shop.

Backstage Bulletin

Be the first to hear about new Events, Gear, and Sales at Axe Shop!

Custom and Repair Workshop

Want your guitars worked on by the same craftsman trusted by The Lumineers, John Abercrombie, Marshall Crenshaw, and many other pro musicians? Then hand it over to Rick Mullen at the Custom and Repair Workshop! Whether it's cosmetic work, setups, fretwork, custom modifications, or even major repairs, your guitar just needs a touch of "Mullen's Magic" - and you'll swear there was never anything wrong at all!

Visit us today for an <strong>expert opinion</strong> and estimate.

Visit us today for an expert opinion and estimate.

Jimi Heslin

The Showroom and Lesson Loft is open six days a week (Monday through Saturday). If you want to stop by and talk to Jimi Heslin (owner of Axe Shop and resident gear guru!) he's in the downstairs Showroom on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Jimi is also available by appointment on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays - appointments can be scheduled either by phone or by email!

Jimi Heslin with guitar legend Les Paul

Jimi Heslin with guitar legend Les Paul

Tourist Tip!

Headed to Woodstock on a Rock n' Roll Pilgrimage? Make sure you stop by Axe Shop in Wappingers Falls, NY on your way! Get in that Classic Rock spirit by checking out a collection of 60's and 70's guitars and amps that makes even Woodstockers go "Whoa!"