Having helped thousands of Guitarists from Nebraska to Nepal, the material at Metal Guitar Academy is a must-have for players of all levels.

Just starting out? Get the FREE 90-Minute Beginner’s Bootcamp video, and save yourself months and years of frustration (seriously - don’t miss out!) MGA is also home to the most comprehensive, detailed, and practical method book for beginning players available - Beginner Guitar: No Wimps!

Experienced Players

Intermediate and Advancing Guitarists will find technique-intensive books and courses, like Sweep Picking: Steam Powered, Unleash Your Speed 2.0, and Speed Picking: Daily Guitar Gains. The material at Metal Guitar Academy is also laser-focused on developing your understanding of music theory, and how to apply it practically. Courses like Blues Guitar Bombardment and Chord Craft Crash Course take a deep-dive into improvisation and jamming, and books like Modes: No More Confusion and Modes? Mastered! will de-mystify concepts like scales, modes, and arpeggios. You can also sign up to get the FREE Metal Mailing, a new PDF and video lesson every month, featuring a Wicked Warmup and Fire & Steel shred lick to practice.

Pro Guitarist and composer Brett Miller, instructor & author at Metal Guitar Academy, increases your understanding of the Guitar from soup to nuts - all while keeping everything relatable, practical, and easy to understand.

Head on over to, check out what’s available, and see if it’s for you. Use the links on this page to get there, and you’ll also be supporting Axe Shop while you learn - as an affiliate partner, we share in a full 40% of each sale.