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Brett Miller


Professional guitarist, composer, and guitar teacher Brett Miller offers the most comprehensive, results-oriented, and fun one-on-one guitar instruction available. Come and benefit from his 12+ years of teaching experience and degree from Berklee College of Music.

Specializing in quickly providing beginners with a rock-solid foundation, and taking intermediate and advanced players to the next level of skill and understanding, Brett will help you learn how to:

  • Play faster, more cleanly, more powerfully, and more confidently
  • Understand rhythm reading and notation, so that you can learn songs quickly and easily
  • Build and play chords all over the neck, not just memorize them from a book
  • Use scales, modes, and arpeggios to improvise, jam, and write your own songs
  • Apply music theory to the guitar (in a clear and step-by-step fashion) to unlock your potential

Brett has released several albums, ranging from instrumental progressive metal, to full-length original soundtracks in the video game industry. He is the author of the guitar instructional books "Sweep Picking: Steam Powered", and "Speed Picking: Master Month", as well as audio programs such as "Unleash Your Speed: How to Shred on Guitar", "Modes: No More Confusion", and "Lydian Mode: Advanced Guitar Applications".

Get started learning with Brett today, and achieve a breakthrough in your guitar playing!

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